5 Exit Interview Questions That are Key to a Company’s Current & Future Success


While it can occasionally be under negative circumstances, employees leaving a company can offer a fountain of information and insight into an organization. Since employees who have already resigned know that their responses will not affect their performance, they are more likely to be completely transparent. These conversations can lead to addressing company weaknesses, company culture, management styles, and overall assist People Ops teams on how to best improve employee retention rates. As inspired by Indeed, here are five exit interview questions to consider to maximize the time with the soon-to-be former employee.

  1. Why did you begin searching for another opportunity? This question can help determine which structuring, opportunities, benefits, or perks your company could be offering to attract and retain top talent. Are they relocating to a different area? Going back to school? Or do they feel that your company isn’t the right fit? Their answers can help guide the discussion and spark ideas for follow-up questions.

  2. Did you feel supported in this role? From training and one-on-one meetings to performance reviews and career development opportunities, managers have a responsibility to make sure each of their team members has the tools and feedback they need to excel in their role. Their responses can spark management training, restructuring, and more.

  3. What did you like best and least about your job? This exit interview question will help you identify what might get future candidates excited about the role, as well as how to set the right expectations for the position.

  4. How has your role changed since being hired? Job roles often fluctuate based on the needs of the department or company. Sometimes these changes demand a different set of skills and can make current employees less enthusiastic about work. Learning how a role has changed will provide you with critical details to include in the job description to make sure your next hire is well-suited for these new demands.

  5. Did you share any of the concerns with the company before deciding to leave? This question reveals whether or not employees are comfortable voicing their concerns in the workplace. If their answer to this question is “no,” it could be a sign that your company needs to work on building a culture where employees feel confident speaking up without fear of negative consequences or retaliation.

An exit interview offers employers a rare chance to receive open and honest feedback on how to improve the experience for current and future employees. In asking these exit interview questions, People Ops teams will uncover valuable information and provide a roadmap for how to improve retention long-term.

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