Agile Leadership: Framework to Follow

Updated: May 28

Becoming an Effective Leader in this ever-changing world we are living in is becoming more and more complex. Leaders are required to become more agile than ever before in order to remain relevant and current in their industry. Follow the tips below to learn how you can become an agile leader, through uncertainty and changing times and continue to win each time.

Tip 1: Create An Inclusive Environment

Creating a safe and inclusive environment through disciplined risk taking is the true meaning of diversity & inclusion. The ability to allow your employees the freedom to share their differing view points, own them, and showcase their abilities is not only empowering, but will build a stronger more agile team based on trust, honesty and respect. Too often, those that tend to shy away from sharing their opinions hold some of the greatest ideas. Ask everyone to go around the table and share their view points to account for those silent/ introverted employees to shine as well.

Tip 2: Set A Clear Vision

By setting a clear vision for your employees to follow, they will be able to stay disciplined and remain clear on expectations and setting their priorities accordingly. If vision is not clear, then you cannot have a truthful conversation on how they are performing since direction and vision start with the manager setting expectations accurately and properly on an ongoing basis. If the vision of a project or team changes, let the team know right away so they do not spend additional time working on things that are no longer relevant, but rather maneuver their work according to the new vision and plan set forth. If a leader is not sure how to set their vision, then develop an OKR and KPI system and bring in your management team to share ideas and brainstorm. Communicating and talking through things, will solidify that vision and bring everyone on board. Creating a SWOT analysis and discussing this with the management team or direct team, will help start the conversation in relation to new ventures, or direction in vision.

Tip 3: Develop Top Talent

If leaders do not develop their talent, the changing conditions in the market and staying relevant will only push your employees out. Making sure top employees, if not all employees take on a Learning Environment that is backed by the company, it will only be a matter of time, before the organization outgrows them. Work with your HR teams to build out an Education Policy that allows your employees to stay current and valuable in your organization.

Tip 4: Culture of Honesty

Creating a culture where employees feel safe to be brutally honest, in a respectful manner will help your organization for-see any issues and opportunities early on. When employees are not able to be honest, and feel like their opinion matters, they will become silent over time and just do mediocre work. The worst thing to do, is to have a flawed sense of where your organization really is, or to think everyone is usually bringing ideas to the table. Go out of your way to speak to various employees you wouldn't normally, to get a sense of what they think about a project or to get various viewpoints prior to making a decision. Being open and showing your employees that their opinions matter, provides leaders with a workforce that not only respects them but enjoys being in their presence and working on the best interest of the company.

Tip 5: Shared Sense of Purpose

Once a leader first establishes an inclusive environment, sets a clear vision, provides a framework for continuous development, and creates a culture of honesty and openness they can then establish a shared sense of purpose amongst the team. This can be achieved by setting the proper tone of urgency and a set of shared values. Having a shared sense of purpose with teammates that have the same mindset, increases engagement, employee retention and overall employee well-being.

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