How to Set Your WFH Office Up for Success

Working from home is quickly becoming the new norm. Gone are the days of harsh overhead lighting, shared spaces, and dull cubicles. While these are things that we would all like to leave in the past, people who work from home are faced with the new challenge of how and where to set up their office space in their own home. How can you define a new space where you will be granted the privacy and adequate tools to successfully work from home? How can you separate your workspace from the rest of your home?


It is very tempting to work from your couch in sweatpants. While this may be comfortable, it may wreak havoc to your neck, shoulders, and back due to poor postures while typing or plummet your productivity and energy. To help you get your home office up to par, we’ve put together a list of ten essential items.

  1. A standing desk that can move how you want to at work. Sitting all day can put you at risk for diabetes and weight gain. Make sure to get in periodic stretch breaks as well.

  2. An ergonomic chair to support proper spine alignment. The majority of your workday is spent sitting down - make sure it is comfortable.

  3. An ergonomic keyboard to support your wrist and prevent them from craning over a keyboard.

  4. Bluetooth speaker or headphones to play music while working. Music can help you relax, get energized, and improve productivity.

  5. An additional monitor to get even more things done. How many times have you had to have another window open while creating another document or spreadsheet in another window? Problem solved.

  6. Charging cables, neatly organized with a power strip. All work-from-home setups heavily rely on electricity. Keep chargers nearby for ease of use with plugs galore.

  7. A reliable and quick wireless router, because your livelihood depends on it. Bad WiFi can wreak havoc on video calls.

  8. Soft lighting to help your optic and mental health. Warm and cozy lighting can reduce stress and prevent eye strain.

  9. A yoga mat or foam roller to quickly stretch your hunchback out.

  10. Plants to boost your mood and provide more oxygen in your environment. Plants are more than just pretty decorations.

Between kids, pets, partners, neighbors, and more, defining your workspace is becoming more and more critical. Whether you’re starting your own business, you work from home full time, or you occasionally conduct business from your home office, you can benefit from optimizing your workspace for serious productivity using these tips.

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