Struggle to Hire the Right Employee Each Time?

Filling a job opening can be a high-stakes enterprise. Acquiring and training a new employee typically costs time and thousands of dollars. Recruiting and hiring a great employee depends on some essential steps that should be followed each time for consistency and quality of hire.

Keep a Talent Pool

Be on the look-out for great candidates before any job opens up. Build relationships with highly qualified professionals to include in your talent pool. You never know when any of these individuals will be looking to make a change. It is also important to lean on your current workforce for great recommendations since they know your company standards, culture and what it takes to succeed at your company.

Generate a Detailed Job Description

Conduct a thorough job analysis in partnership with HR to determine the necessary responsibilities, duties, skills, and experience. Having a clear job description will ensure you’re recruiting the right applicants for your open position. It is also important to differentiate minimum requirements from preferred. Your minimum requirements should be as short as possible and very specific. Anything else, can be added to the preferred section. Make sure the job and expectations are clearly relayed and is transparent instead of the 'fluff' that usually comes with a job ad.

Recruit the Right Way

With the job description in hand, meet with your hiring team or committee and create a recruiting plan. This team should be made up of someone who this candidate will work closely with, another manager in the department, HR, hiring manager and an employee in the same position if possible. Next, the team needs to identify the required qualifications that ensure success in this role, and ensure HR is part of the strategy along the way to ensure your practices are diverse and inclusive prior to screening and interviewing applicants.

Review Applications Carefully

Using the job description, create a bullet list of desired job characteristics, and assess candidates against each item on that list. For greater consistency, develop a scoring system based on the bullet list to ensure fairness which will allow the hiring team to make the assessment process more objective.

Prescreen Applicants Carefully

Before scheduling the interviews, thoroughly vet each potential interviewee if you want to save time and headache later. A candidate who looks good on paper might fall short on one or more desired qualifications. Background checks, employment references, criminal histories, and sometimes credit checks are essential parts of prescreening once you've identified your top candidate(s).

Plan Effective Interview Questions

The job interview is a crucial component of hiring the best person. You want to have interview questions that help you distinguish the most suitable candidate from the pool. There are also tools that assist in hiring for the best culture add by assessing behavioral traits the hiring manager is looking for in a candidate. Before the interviews take place, get input on the questions from other members of your department or unit. During interviews, make sure you ask all interviewees the same questions to maintain fairness and objectivity across the board. If you are not sure of how or what questions can be asked, make sure to connect with your HR rep. Questions should always be related to the role and not personal in order to mitigate any issues that may arise from unfair questions.

Extend the Offer

You’re still not done after you’ve selected the best candidate. There is the matter of the job offer. The candidate and hiring manager need to negotiate salary, conditions of hire, duties, benefits, and other relevant terms. The offer letter comes after the negotiation, and its purpose is to confirm the offer and terms with the new hire. It is recommended that hiring managers have a third party, which in this case would be the HR department to negotiate the offer terms and go over all total rewards items that come with the job.

All in all, it is easy to create a solid recruitment plan for each open position you look to fill, however, the key is consistency. By following the steps laid out above, you can ensure a great hire each time.


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